Solutions & Services

Art Lovers and Collectors

Art consultation services:

We help you identify and acquire unique art pieces for the home or business. Consultations include:

  • Phone consultation to discuss your preferences and objectives
  • A walk-through of your space to understand how art can enhance your environment
  • Collaboration with galleries and artists from around the world and draw from thousands of original works to find the piece that’s right for you

Art display and framing consulting:

Once your selection is complete, we will help you select the display option that best complements your art. We can work with you, or simply get it done without any effort on your part. Save time by leaving this last step to us, and save money by taking advantage of the reduced rates we get on framing.

Decorators and Designers

Original commissions:

We can commission artists to create works that fit your location’s unique requirements for style, color, and size.

Private On-Location Showings and Test Drives:

We can create a custom viewing for your clients, and lend art for a 3-day test drive to give clients the opportunity to see the art in its intended location.

Non-Profit Organizations

Add Zing and Class to Your Fundraising Event

Our on-location exhibits, sales, and auctions let you attract more attendees and provide a new way to raise funds.

Fund-Raise Between Events

Don’t wait for your big fundraiser. Talk to us about our Great Causes program. Your supporters can chose to donate a portion of their purchase price to your organization, any time of the year.

Luxury Property Sellers and Agents

Add Appeal to Your Property

For luxury properties, generic prints set the wrong tone. We help you accelerate the sale and maximize the offers you receive.

  • We collaborate with your furniture stager to ensure everything fits together perfectly
  • We select original art that livens, brightens, and gives just the right character to your property
  • We install the art in time for the agent tour or open house
  • Our rates are extremely flexible, and you may qualify to stage your property with original fine art FOR FREE.

Attract the Right Agents and Buyers with an Opening Reception

We’ll use all the marketing resources , including our list of thousands of local contacts, to create an opening worthy of your exclusive property.

Event Organizers and Office Facilities Managers

Add Character and Sophistication to Your Event

Organizing a special event for your most valued clients, employees? Planning an unforgettable reception? Original fine art ads flavor to almost any environment.

Create a Uniquely Exclusive Environment in Your Offices

Drab offices send a message you don’t want to project. Create an atmosphere that high-value clients will appreciate and feel at ease in. Subtly communicate that your business is thriving, and that you too appreciate quality and mastery in any discipline.

About us

The Canvasations Gallery is dedicated to helping our clients acquire unique, contemporary art works that enhance the environment and character of their home or business. Whether you are a casual art-lover, a serious collector, or a design professional, we can help you find that special piece – one that resonates with both your sense of beauty, and your budget.