Oksana Veber


Oksana Veber was born March 31, 1967 in Altaj region, Barnaul, Russia. At age 9 she moved with her family to Chernihiv, Ukraine where she lived until entering an art college in Briansk, Russia at 15. Oksana later studied at the Kiev Academy of Fine Arts, and the “MAYP” Academy at the International Center of Modern Education in Kiev. She is a member of the Ukrainian Association of Commercial Artists.

Oksana has been drawing for as long as she can remember, and has been participating in exhibitions since 1987. Her works can be found in galleries in Ukraine, Russia, Chzech Republic, and the US, and in private collections throughout the world.

Oksana’s first painting were landcapes. During this period her works reflected a fascination with Taoism and other Eastern philosophies and themes of peace, harmony, and emptiness. Her recent works also convey these themes through the portrayal of women. Oksana’s paintings convey a warmth and optimism. The subtle colors, ranging from warm woods to golds and glimmering coppers create a sensual aura.

Solo Exhibitions:

2008       “Spring time” – Room 9, Eastbourne, England.
2007       “Song of the flute”- Acorn Galleries, Billingshurst, England.
2004       “ART Show” – Municipal Gallery, Teplice, Czech Republic.
2004       “Modern Russian Art” – Fusion Center, Prague, Czech Republic.
2004       “Cotrexeville a l’’heure russe”, Russian Cultural Center, Cotrexeville, France.
2004       “ART Exposition”, Gallery ART Shaker, Paris, France.
2003       “The Song of Sun”, Etienne de Causans Gallery, Paris, France
2003       “Four Seasons”, ART MASTER Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
2002       “Gleaming Summer”, American embassy, Kiev, Ukraine
2002       “A Different Way of Seeing”, ARTEast Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine
2001       “Vernissage”, Gallery of Russian Cultural Center, Copenhagen, Denmark
2000       “Soul-Mates”, Municipal Gallery, Espegarden, Denmark
1999       “Morning”, Art Cafe, Prague, Czech Republic
1999       “Ingle-Side”, Tabor’ Municipal Gallery, Czech Republic
1997       “Self-Portrait”, Municipal Gallery of Slavutich, Ukraine

Select Group shows:

2007       “Eastern European Art” – Terra Nova Magazine, San Jose, USA
2007       “Art workshop 2007” – Balcik, Bulgaria
2007       “Vibrant World” – Canvasations Gallery, San Francisco, USA
2007       “Jadertina 2007” – Bruska, Croatia
2007       “ART Show”- Berlin, Germany
2006       “Jadertina 2006” – Kukljica, Croatia
2006-2007 “Art Ireland Spring Collection” – Dublin, Ireland
2005       “Art Ireland Winter 2005” – Dublin, Ireland
2005       “ART Show”- Hilton foyer, Malta
2005       “Don Quixote”- Le Lesiants Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2005       “Dreams about Don Quixote” – Prague, Czech Republic
2005       “Art Ireland Summer Collection 2005” – Dublin, Ireland
2004       “Contemporary Art” – Municipal Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
2004       “Les peintres de Russie” – Le Consulat general de Russie de Strasbourg, France
1997-1998 “Ukrainian Women as Great Artists”, Laura Gallery, Kiev
1987-1992-1996-1997 “Picturesque Ukraine” – Autumn Art Exhibition, Kiev, Ukraine