Nina Gali


Nina Gali’s still life works resonate with somber passion. Some of her floral paintings are delicately pastel yet powerful by virtue of an almost three dimensional palette knife and brush technique. Others are post modernism-sleek contemporary compositions with a flat, translucent vibrancy. Gali’s artwork is rich with a harmony of colors and symbolism. She is the author of an unprecedented sculpture “Moloch of Totalitarianism”, the first sculpture to commemorate the victims of reprisals in the Soviet Union. In 1996 the sculpture was bought by the government of St. Petersburg and installed in Levashovo Memorial Cemetery.

Gali has been recognized with numerous awards. Among them:
• 2002 – Who Is Who of Russian Personalities magazine
• 1996 – Grand-Prix at the International Art Festival, The Hermitage
• 1988 – Special Prize of Artists Union of Russia
• Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
• Featured artist in The Catalogue of the International Art Fairs of the 20th Century

Gali has participated in numerous exhibitions in Russia, Europe, and North America. Her works belong to public and private collections in Russia, Europe and North America. She is actively involved in the Russian art community, and is a member of the Saint Petersburg Union of Artists, Union of Russian Artists and the International Academy of Humanities.

Gali was raised in and atmosphere that fused science and art; between her father’s scientific studies and her mother’s sculpture art studio. Gali chose to follow her mother into the art world, and received Masters of Fine Arts from the Academy of Fine and Theater Arts of Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. She currently lives and works in Montreal, Canada.