Nikolai Bogomolov


Nikolai Bogomolov was born in 1956 in Vologda, Russia and has lived in St.Petersburg most of his life. Though Nikolai graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Technology and worked for 10 years as a research scientist, art eventually consumed him and in 1989 he devoted himself exclusively to painting. Nikolai once described this transformation: “An artist grew inside me like a tree, gradually filling the entire inner space”.

Since then, Nikolai has participated in several groundbreaking projects, including the “All for One Earth”, which included group shows in St.Petersburg and San Francisco and the creation of a mural on a five-story building in St. Petersburg, and
Urisman Fine Arts, which brought St.Petersburg’s most renowned artists to the US Pacific Coast.

Nikolai continues to work in a several mediums, including oil on canvas, acrylic on hand-made paper, and digital art and computer graphics. Since 1996 he has been teaching computer graphics and design in the Educational Media Center in St.Petersburg, passing on his aesthetic and visual talents to a new generation of artists.


Select Solo Exhibitions:

2004       ArtCity Gallery, St.Petersburg
2002       Palitra Gallery, St.Petersburg
2002       Studio-show San Francisco, USA
1999       32nd Ave Exhibition ,San Francisco, USA
1998       Palitra Gallery, St.Petersburg
1993       Central Exhibition Hall, St.Petersburg
1993       Khiron Gallery, St.Petersburg
1991       Dostoevsky Museum, St.Petersburg
1981       Institute of Technology, St.Petersburg, Russia


Select Group shows:

2005       Museum of Non-conformist Art, St.Petersburg
2004       Philharmonic Hall, St.Petersburg
2003       Palitra Gallery, St. Petersburg
2001       Museum of Non-conformist Art , St. Petersburg
2000       10th Anniversary of Palitra Gallery, St.Petersburg
1999       Humangarten, Chicago, USA
1997       Urisman Fine Arts, EBMUND, Oakland, USA
1997       Ostrov – 10 years”, Samoilovs Museum, St.Petersburg
1996       Kismet Gallery, San Jose, USA
1994       Contest “Golden Brush” Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow
1993       Go Figure”, Eight Street Gallery, San Francisco, USA
1992       In From the Cold”, SOMAR Gallery, San Francisco, USA
1990       All for One Earth”, SOMAR Gallery, San Francisco, USA