Ira Tsantekidou


Ira Tsantekidou has become known throughout Europe for her beautiful, sensual and tender paintings. She has a unique technique that integrates traditional oil painting and a variety of incorporated materials to give her works a unique texture and sculptural quality. Her paintings of women bring to life erotic and sophisticated divas. Her cities are mythical yet gritty, and always welcoming. Ira’s use of earthy, warm metallic and gold colors gives her paintings a romantic aura of contentment and happiness.

Tsantekidou’s techniques include traditional oil painting and complex palette-knife work that can create sculptural elements within her works. Some works are striking modern and minimalistic, with bold colors and focus on a single subject, while others incorporate multimedia elements that give them the organic texture of ancient artifacts.

Ira was born in Ukraine, and received both art and architecture degrees. She has lived in Greece, Germany, and most recently Spain. Her works reside in public and private collections across Europe and the United States.