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Stenyaev is a master in both oil and water color painting. In his cityscapes one can recognize the lightness and translucency of water colors, combined with more classical oil technique. The artist sees today's busy cities as constantly evolving urban organisms that have a life of their own. In many of his paintings, eighteenth century buildings and streets emerge from a background of modern high-rises, cars and shops of the New Arbat.

In his paintings of Moscow there is an softness and intimacy with the city. Any city-dweller recognizes the dominance of architecture over nature on urban streets that makes the shapes and textures of the remaining natural elements stand out sharply against the stark and restrained buildings. Stenyaev also enlivens his canvases with splashes of color that add a joie de vivre and a freshness to what may otherwise seem melancholy urban landsapes.

Alexei Stenyaev frequently exhibits his work in galleries and exhibition halls in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and California. His works are in private collections in Japan, Western Europe and North America.

Born in 1964, Alexei studied painting in Repin Academy of Art in St. Petersburg. In 1987 he moved to Moscow where he's been living and working since.