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Alihanov's works employ a vibrant palette and are uniquely textural.

He writes about himself: "Color and I, we've been reaching for each other for a long, long time. I've been really fortunate on my Path; I met with real Teachers alive and deceased, submerged into the Worlds of El Greko and Matisse, Vrubel and Miro, Kandinsky and the Eastern School of miniatures... Everything possible has already happened and passed, so what is left? It is creativity and paintings and drawings and exhibitions, exhibitions, exhibitions..."

Arseniy Alihanov was born in Caucuses Mountains, Russia in 1948. He graduated from Art Academy in Mahachkala, Russia in 1968 and Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg) University of Art, Theatre and Music in 1977. Arseniy has been a member of Soviet Union (now Russian Federation) of Artists since 1981. He works were presented in numerous exhibitions in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Belgium, Hungary, France and Germany.