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IGOR LAZAREV | Paintings |BIO|


Igor Lazarev was born in 1962 in the town of Lyubertsy near Moscow, Russia. The artist graduated from Strogonov Art College in Moscow, the renowned school for xceptionally gifted young artists.

Igor Lazarev's world is a surrealistic domain inhabited with mystic creatures. The metaphysical and spiritual elements are joined together into reality in his paintings and manifest the splendor of the artist's fantasy and mastery of his brushwork. The artist's opulent imagination gives birth to his own people, actions and themes expressed in a uniquely detailed style and a luminously velvet texture that is completely his own.

Igor Lazarev's work is exhibited in Moscow, Switzerland, Spain, and the U.S.

Select group and solo shows:

2006       Gallery Sensorium, Norway
2006       Pechenelo, Italy
2005       Pashgrun, Norway
2005       Bergen, Norway
2004       Moscow, Russia
2004       Gallery Artis Valencia, Spain
2004       Poshgrun, Norway
2003       Bergen, Norway
2003       Gallery Sensorium, Norway
2003       Moscow, Russia
2002       Gallery Artis Valencia, Spain
2002       Gallery Sensorium, Norway
2001       Ivanovo, Russia
2001       Gallery Artis Valencia, Spain
1997       Moscow, CHA, Russia
1994       Maxodaondo, Spain
1994       Memphis, USA
1990       Atlanta, USA
1988 - 1989 Lausanne, Switzerland